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  • Women's Lifting Belt Black/ Purple

    Women's Lifting Belt Black/ Purple

    Art. no. 9980190700
    Color: Black/Purple
    Quality: 45% polypropylene foam, 25% nylon, 20% polypropylene, 10% polyester

    This lightweight Lifting Belt is especially designed for women: particularly for the Gorilla ladies! It will keep your back stable and supports during the heavy lifting. The Women's Lifting Belt is available in Black with Purple accents and has got a pretty Gorilla Wear logo on the front.

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  • Stanley Fanny Pack - Pink Camo

    Stanley Fanny Pack

    Art. No. 9985794405
    Color: Pink Camo
    Quality: 100% Polyester
    Size: One size

    Free up your hands while keeping your essentials stored and secure with this new Gorilla Wear USA camo fanny pack. This Gorilla Wear USA adjustable hip strap fanny pack has a lot of storage space. It has a main storage compartment, furthermore, it has a small pouch pocket at the front of the fanny pack. In addition, it also has a hidden back zip pocket for additional storage. It is made out of durable materials which enhance the product life cycle a great deal. Available in Pink Camo, Gray/White Camo, Green Camo and Black.

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  • Gorilla Wear Wave Shaker 600ML - Pink

    Gorilla Wear Wave Shaker 9981760000
    Color: Pink
    Quality:100% plastic
    Capacity: 600ML
    Size: One size

    What’s the one thing better than a Banana? Ha, Trick Question! A Banana Shake of course! Made of break-proof, BPA free, Non-toxic plastic, our Shaker is perfect for those 'Shaken, not stirred' Banana drinks every Gorilla dreams of. In addition, for the modern Gorilla, it’s dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator safe. Cool(or hot, that’s up to you), handy and very easy to use!

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  • Santa Rosa Gym Bag - Pink/Black

    Santa Rosa Gym Bag - Pink/Black

    Art. No 9980660900
    Color: Pink / Black
    Quality: 100% Polyester
    Measurements: 20,4x11,4x10,6 inches

    Once again Gorilla Wear we have proven to be the best of the best and this has been true since 1982. We want to introduce the new Women's Gorilla Wear gym bag. This amazing gym accessory is made of a ultra-durable fabric and has plenty of pockets to keep your gym gear organized and secure. Furthermore, it offers the user and immense amount of storage and protection. In addition, it has a removable adjustable shoulder strap and dual handles for the benefit of versatile carrying options. Lastly, the main zip compartments and side pockets for extra storage space can be used to store bigger items if desired.

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    Color: Black/pink
    Quality: 100% polyester


    Our genius research and development team came up with the perfect solution for a problem all gorillas have. "Where do I store my bananas, while on the road or heading to the gym?"
    Our team came up with the "Banana Carrier"!!! Uh... of course we mean the Gorilla Wear Drawstring Bag. The absolute most ideal solution to bring your bananas with you.
    Because looks and comfort count we made it super lightweight and incorporated our logo graphic.

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  • Toiletry Bag - Black/pink

    Art. no: 9914190000
    Color: Black/Pink
    Quality: 70% artificial leather, 30% polyester
    Care Instructions: Hand wash only
    Measurements: One size, 16cm x 26cm x 10cm

    This toiletry bag is designed for style and storage it is equipped with pink polyester on the inside. Furthermore it has 2 separate sections, in addition it is also designed with 2 side pocket on each side. This provides the user with a fashionable storage bag.

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  • Women's Fitness Gloves Black/Purple

    Women's Fitness Gloves Black/Purple

    Art. no. 9980290600
    Color: Black/Purple
    Quality: 60% synthetic leather, 15% polyester, 10% rubber, 5% cotton, 5% nylon 

    You’re a lady and as a lifting gorilla lady you sometimes need a little bit more grip. With the brand new Women's Fitness Gloves you got what you need! They are available in Black with pretty Purple accents.  On front there’s a cool logo that shows the text Gorilla Wear.

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  • Women's Padded Lifting Straps Black/Purple

    Women's Padded Lifting Straps Black/Purple

    Art. no. 9980390700
    Color: Black/Purple
    Quality: 100% cotton

    These Padded Lifting Straps will help you lift whatever you’re in for! Because we all want to lift more than we did yesterday, so what’s stopping us? They are not only colored in pretty purple, they also have a stylish Gorilla Wear logo on the front. Lift it like a real Gorilla Lady! With these straps, success is absolutely guaranteed.

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  • Women's Wrist Wraps Black/Purple

    Women's Wrist Wraps Black/Purple

    Art. no. 9980490700
    Color: Black/Purple
    Quality: 40% elasthan, 10% polyester, 50% cotton

    Length: 35 cm

    Ever thought you needed a bit more support for your wrists during that heavy workout? You won’t think that again! These Women’s Wrist Wraps will give you the support you need during your workouts. They are available in black with cool feminine purple stripes.

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  • iPhone 6 Case - Black/Pink

    Make your Iphone 6 heavy work out proof! The Gorilla Wear iphone 6 case, with slim lines and great design, will protect your phone from all those knocks and bumps during your workouts!
    Besides the great protection, the case also allows you to access to all device ports!
    This is a must have for the real Gorilla’s!

    For men this case is available in black/red and for the ladies in black/pink!

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