Gorilla Wear Atleten doen mee aan Olympia

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THE BIG 5: maar liefst 5 Gorilla Wear Atleten hebben het dit jaar voor elkaar gekregen om zich te kwalificeren voor het Mr. Olympia 2019 event. 

Mr. Olympia is de grootste bodybuilding competitie ter wereld. Alleen de aller besten hebben zich hiervoor kunnen kwalificeren. 

Maak kennis met de 5 Gorilla Wear atleten die deze topprestatie hebben geleverd.

Brandon Curry 

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Woah...almost 24 hours until pre judging here in Las Vegas at the @mrolympiallc 2019! Has it really been another year already!?! I just want to take the time to say thank you to my support system! God, my wife, kids, extended family and friends and incredible fans! I ain’t never in my life felt so much push and drive for any show before. Just 3 years ago at the press conference @ifbbprobobchick asked me why I wasn’t in the 212 division and exactly 3 years later (today), he said I had favor to win in many people’s predictions. Man. I can’t tell you what that moment felt like. Lol. 3 years ago at this show I was last place. And in 2017 I wasn’t even invited to be a part of the press conference. Times have changed. I hit a point in my career where I had to assess myself and ask myself if I would continue my pursuit or to push and give it all I’ve got! Thank God I met my coach that year and my wife pushed me out the door and off I went to Kuwait. I literally had nothing left to lose. This is gonna be the first Olympia all my kids see me compete in. This is going to be the first time my parents and both of my sisters watch me compete together. The first time my extended Hawaii family made it to be here, my wife’s dad passed away exactly 2 years to the day on Saturday...yep he passed away when my wife and kids were here the day before i competed in 2017! So when her step mom arrived today she showed me that she wore my father in laws picture, drivers license and everything tucked away around her neck so he’s here with us on the anniversary of his passing. It struck me to see that and hit me right in the heart. I’m thankful. Thankful for bodybuilding, and for the @ifbb_pro_league. I’ve been able to provide for my family through the sport. I’ve been able to travel the world through the sport and meet friends from around the world through BODYBUILDING. And I’ve learned many of the most valuable lessons in my life through the sport that has helped groom me into the man I am today. Now that I got all that out the way since i have all this time as I sit and wait for tomorrow...WHO’S READY for the big show!?!? Old pic from back in April.

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William Bonac

Dani Younan 

Kirill Khudaev

Gregor Francisca


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